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Monday, November 9, 2009


Jency Songs

The name Jency might not strike a chord with the newer generation but playback singer Jency has rendered some unbelievably melodious and immortal songs under the aegis of 'maestro' Ilaiyaraja in the late seventies and early eighties. Her songs 'Idhayam Pogudhae...', 'Oru Iniya Manadhu....', 'Aayiram malargalae malarungal....' thrilled millions of music lovers and continue to do so even now.

At the height of her fame, she quit the industry to take care of her family and kids. After nearly two decades, Jency now wants to get back to playback singing. Ilaiyaraja had reportedly called Jency some years ago but Jency couldn't make it to the recording theatre as her son, then a kid, had fallen sick. A man who is punctual and who obeys punctuality, Ilaiyaraja had reportedly avoided meeting Jency afterwards.

In a recent interview to a magazine, Jency had reportedly expressed her desire to get back to singing, again to the music of Ilaiyaraja. She has now got the call not from Ilaiyaraja, her mentor, but from Deva's son Srikanth Deva. When Jency arrived for the recording, Srikanth reportedly paid obeisance to her. Jency reportedly finished the recording in a single take 


Oru Iniya manathu-Jhony

En vaaniley-Jhony

Aayiram malargaley-Niram maaraatha pookkal

Iru paravaigal-Niram maaratha pookkkal

Thamthana thamthan-Pudhiya varpugal

Idhayam Poguthey-Puthiya vaarpugal

Kaadhal oviyam-alaigal ooivathillai

Unekkena Thaney-Ponnu oorukku pudhusu

mayile mayile - kadavul amaitha medai

Kalyaanam thanai mudikka-Metti

Geetha sangeetha-Anbe sangeetha (4.2 MB)

Naan naan paadanum-Poonthalir

Deiveega raagam -Ullasa paraivaigal

Adi penne ponnonjal-Mullum malarum

En uyir neethaney-Priya

Alankaara ponnoonjale-Sonnathu neethaana

Naan unnai thirumba-Ellam un kairaasi

Hey masthaana-Azhage unnai aaraathikkiren

Thottam konda rasavey-Pagalil oru iravu

Vizhiyil vizhunthu -Alaigal oivathillai

Vaadi en kappa kizhange -Alaigal oivathillai

Meenkodi Theril-Karumbu vil

Paniyum naane Malarum neeye-Panimalar

Akka oru Rajathi-Mugaththil mugam Pakkalam

Aathora Kaathada-Enkeyo Ketta Kura


  1. arumaiyana collection... thanks to you.

  2. Excellent Jency Collections

  3. Thank you very much Soundar, I really dont know some of the songs are by Jency, my favorite. Her husky voice, especially in Putham Puthu Kaalai in Alaigal Oyvathillai, took me to the heaven in my teen days, Thank you very much soundar for giving me so much of Jency

  4. thanx for taking me to my teenage. all precious masterpieces

  5. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for the great collection but none of the links work. COuld you please provide someother link?

  6. i want more songs

  7. i want more collections

  8. Hi, just saw your article on Jency. Sorry to contradict, The following were not sung by Jency.
    1) Oru Iniya manathu-Jhony - It was Sujatha in her younger age.
    2) Vizhiyil vizhunthu -Alaigal oivathillai - BS Sasireka.



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