. அன்புள்ள (இளைய)ராஜாரசிகர்களுக்கு வணக்கம் . இந்த வலைப்பதிவை காணவரும் அனைவரையும் வருக வருக என வரவேற்கிறேன். இந்த வலைப்பதிவில் நீங்கள் எதிர்பார்தவை கிடைக்கும் என நம்புகிறேன். இந்த சுகமான சுமையை இன்னும் நெடுதூரம் எடுத்து செல்ல உங்களின் வாழ்த்துக்களும் கருத்துரைகளும் வழிதுணையாய் வரும் என எதிர்பார்க்கிறேன். நன்றி...



Monday, November 23, 2009

Big B creates history with Ilaiyaraja

Big B creates history with Ilaiyaraja

It was meant to be a recording by proxy. Amitabh Bachchan had recorded the title song of Paa in the incredibly- juvenile voice of his character Auro. And he did it at Aadesh Shrivastava's studio two weeks ago, rendering the track sent by Ilaiyaraja to perfect in a 12-year old's voice.

The Big B, privately regretted the fact that he couldn't record in the maestro Ilaiyaraja's presence. But how was the Big B or the director Balki to know that the recording in Mumbai would go kaput?

Laughing pleasurably from Chennai on Wednesday night, Balki says, "I guess someone up there was listening. Our recording in Mumbai of Amitji's number composed by Raja Sir suffered a leakage in the headphone. The song had to be re-done. So here we are in Chennai. We've just recorded the title number again, this time with Amitji and Ilaiyaraja face to face. It was a historic moment."

The Big B rendered the number perfectly prompting the musical maverick from Chennai to wonder how a 67-year old man could sing the number in a 12-year old's voice so perfectly.

Balki and Mr. Bachchan wanted to keep the very special recording a secret and reveal the coming together of the two super-stalwarts at a later time. In fact, when Mr. Bachchan flew to Chennai on Wednesday morning it was officially said he was in the city for the promotion of
Paa. But after a hectic day of promotion in the evening, he sneaked into Ilaiyaraja's studio to create history.

The Big B has earlier sung compositions by Shiv-Hari, Aadesh Shrivastava, Rajesh Roshan and Vishal Bhardwaj. Singing in front of Ilaiyaraja was unthinkable for him.

"But he did it. And Raja Sir couldn't believe what he heard," says Balki.

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